RIP Sidewalk Spectacle

So like a million billion trillion years ago (or 4-6 to be exact) I had this rad blog with my bestie Emily Lesser called Sidewalk Spectacle. We loved it and treated it as our precious baby and uploaded tons of cute ass pics and then one day IT DISAPPEARED! Well really... someone *cough* forgot to pay our bill and our host removed all our content (SOOO SAD) especially since I designed it all extra cutie patootie and made it all EXTRA custom.

But! while looking thru an old external hard drive I found a BUNCH of old outfit posts!! Gonna share one now with y'all to relive my shorter haired, thinner, more punk rock self circa 2013!



Here is me! With a sassy short hair do wearing vintage sweater (90's) Vintage Betsey Johnson shorts (runway/ from when I worked for her in 2010) Some old fishnets, and some KILLER Korean knee high "converse" I got on ebay that have long since expired.

*Wipes away tear*

Looking all tough n stuff showing off my hardcore tat's (since Barbarella is tough AF right???)

Just casually enjoying my fake grass "floor"

ADDDDDD TITTIES!!!!! This bra was from Victoria's Secret and how come no one makes decent leopard print bras anymore???????




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